The FlippinOut Traveling Slingshots World Tour

The FlippinOut Traveling Slingshots World Tour

Recently on the member “Bad Company” suggested a Traveling Slingshot, whereby a couple of slingshots travel from member to member to go on a world tour.  Well, what a great idea!!  FlippinOut Slingshots has donated two slingshots to the adventure and these slingshots are ready to be sent around the world to members to explore new lands, perform spectacular feats of marksmanship, hunt through field and forest, and ultimately share an adventure with slingshot enthusiast’s the world over.

Here is how it goes:

FlippinOut Slingshots™ has donated two slingshots to this world tour, One Omega™ and One Axiom™.  There are two groups of enthusiasts who may sign up for this adventure: Target/Trick Shooters and Hunters.  The Target/trick shooters will receive the Omega and the Hunters will receive the Axiom.  The target/trick slingshot will come banded with single Theraband Gold and a SuperSure Bonded leather pouch.  The Hunters slingshot will come banded with double Theraband Gold and a SuperSure Bonded leather pouch.

Now, the rules of the game:

  • You must be a member of in order to participate
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate
  • Each member may use the slingshot for up to two weeks then send it to the next member in line to receive it.
  • You must be able to afford to ship the slingshot anywhere in the world by a shipping method that is guaranteed to get it there in a timely manner ie. No economy shipping and tracking methods are encouraged.  It just won’t work if the slingshot spends more time in the mail than in member’s hands.
  • If you want to get on the list, contact me here only the first five members for each category will be able to particpate.
  • You must post about your experience on and the Flippin Blog.  This may include pictures, stories, videos etc.  Be creative, this is fun for all and we want to share in your adventure around the world with the Traveling Slingshots.
  • Members who participate in receiving and hosting in the Traveling Slingshots adventure will be eligible for a 10% discount on any slingshot within the “Enthusiast Grade” category at FlippinOut Slingshots!
  • The Traveling Slingshot Journey ends after the sixth member contacts me.  The last member to use the slingshot will then send it back to FlippinOut Slingshots.
  • You must sign your name or make your “mark” on the slingshot with an indelible marker(Sharpie or Magic Marker).  When the Traveling Slingshot makes it back home to FlippinOut Slingshots, I will seal all the names and marks under a fresh layer of finish and the Traveling Slingshots will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  All proceeds will go to support .

The first two members to receive the Traveling Slingshots are:

Hunter- BJ000

Target/Trick Shooter- Aras


This should be fun!!