"A real Craftsman, excellent shooter and all around nice guy. I bought one of his gems. Love it!"

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Another Great Review of the Scout Slingshot

Our friends over at The Canteen Shop offer all sorts of […]



Ocularis™ Dial-a-Fork Slingshot Band Attachment

Lee Silva, the artist and founder from Black Sheep Forg […]

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The 2015 East Coast Slingshot Tournament Review

The 2015 East Coast Slingshot Tournament, held annually in Alverton, PA, is the largest...

Custom Axiom- Ebony And Koa

This custom one off Axiom is crafted from a variety of increasingly difficult to source...

Peerless- Canvas Micarta

The Peerless™ by FlippinOut Slingshots™ is the signature through the forks (TTF) shooter...

Supernatural™- Axiom in White Oak

This slingshot began it’s life as at the top of an oak tree.  When I found it...

Axiom FlipKung Survival Slingshot

The Axiom FlipKung© is slingshot minimalism with options galore.  Crafted from...

Axiom-G10 And Spectraply

The Axiom still stands as the flagship model of the FlippinOut Range. This particular...

Custom- Axiom One Off And Wilkins Pouch

This particular Custom Axiom One-off is crafted from multiple hardwoods and camo G10...

Axiom Slimline- One Off

This Axiom SlimLine is a one of kind. Tough as nails, compact and capable. Made from...

Custom One Off Mesquite Natural

This particular slingshot was crafted from a massive natural fork of South Texas...

The Rambone

Just like the designer, this slingshot makes a statement power and strength with...

Axiom Slimline

The Axiom SlimLine offers the discerning slingshot enthusiast an ultra strong and...