The XNX Story

A lot of people ask “What’s the ‘XNX’ symbol mean on your FlippinOut Slingshots?” Nope, it’s not a top-secret clue to a centuries old mystery… although the story does go back a few generations in my family.

Not only is the “XNX” my “maker’s mark” as an artist & craftsman, it’s also my paternal family’s mark. The tradition started with my great grandfather, who marked all of his tools “XX.” His name was Wade Masters, thus a W on top of an M which looks like a stylized XX. My grandfather, Wallace Masters, carried on this tradition and passed it on to my father, William Masters. It is something that’s deeply meaningful to me, especially now that I’m passing on this tradition to my sons. I’d never allow this symbol to be placed on something that I wasn’t proud of—and that my great grandfather, grandfather, and dad wouldn’t be proud of too. So, you can rest assured that whenever you see XNX on your slingshot, you’re holding on to something of the highest possible quality and design, something that I guarantee with my family’s seal, and something that is built to last for generations by my own hands.

I hope you and your family love your FlippinOut Slingshot as much as I enjoyed designing and crafting it.

~Nathan Masters XNX