The “Hare Splitter”- a Design Revolution!

The “Hare Splitter”- a Design Revolution!

Over the past several months, I have been working on integrating my archery knowledge and love of slingshots.  One thing that I always paid particular attention to in my archery practice was alignment and the ability to easily “point” the bow.  The key elements upon which I focused were few and simple.  Keep the arrow close to the hand and keep the wrist stable.  In doing so, the best bows were the ones that shot off the shelf with the shelf very low and close to the hand.

Unlike a bow, a slingshot creates tension on one side of the supporting hand- the top.  The bands create tension from one spot on the slingshot and cause the wrist to counteract those forces in order to maintain proper form.  Whereas the bow creates balanced tension on the hand from the upper and lower limbs concurrently, this is not as much of a problem.  The strain that the slingshot bands place on the wrist can cause discomfort in those with joint problems, weakness, or those who shoot very heavy bands.  What’s more, the traditional slingshot shape, with the handle being in the same plane as the forks, moves the hand farther away from the bands and pouch, thus requiring compensation to get on target quickly.

The Hare Splitter© from FlippinOut Slingshots has mitigated these two problems: wrist strain and alignment issues!  By moving the plane of the handle away from the plane of the forks and towards the shooter, the hand can be held in a neutral position allowing the skeletal structure of the hand, wrist, and forearm to bear the forces of the bands rather than the muscles and tendons as witnessed in a traditional style slingshot.



By reducing wrist strain and bringing the bands into alignment with the natural pointing ability of the hand/eye relationship, The Hare Splitter© by FlippinOut Slingshots is an exceptionally easy to shoot and very ergonomically balanced slingshot.

The Hare Splitter is available for sale here.





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