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Axiom Tactical Slingshot in Polymer

Axiom Tactical Slingshot in Polymer

Price: $30.00

The Axiom™ is the smaller range of the Alpha™ series and made for the enthusiast who prefers a smaller frame! This frame fits a wide variety of hand sizes- neither too big for the ladies, nor too small for the brawniest man due to the adaptability of the handle. The careful blending of materials and attention to ergonomics, just like all the frames in the Alpha series, has allowed the Axiom to fit everyone. The Signature FlippinOut  design creates Positive Hand Placement, whereby the shooter’s hand falls into the same place each time the slingshot is held. This consistent hand placement leads to the built-in shootability and accuracy FlippinOut Slingshots have become known for. Built to be fork supported, this frame will also accommodate the “Hammer Grip” making it an extremely versatile slingshot. This is an ideal frame for children, women, or enthusiast’s who prefer a smaller between the fork gap. This frame will come fitted with a paracord lanyard,  banded with single Theraband Gold and FlippinOut Exclusive bonded leather pouch by SuperSure Products™, for the ultimate in durability and performance.  This slingshot can be banded either "Through the Forks" or "Over the Top".

This slingshot is crafted from 5/8" thick nylon polymer that is nearly indestructible and absolutely weather resistant.  As such, it is the perfect slingshot for beginners(fork hits won't hurt it), tackle box, bug out bag, or truck.  Lightweight, indestructible and highly pocketable.
7/8"(22mm) wide fork tips- no more folding bands to accommodate narrow fork tips!
2 "(51mm) between forks- Plenty of space to help avoid fork hits!
5 1/2"(133mm) height- still very “pocketable”